Design & Build

We provide comprehensive consultancy, Design-Build services for complex turnkey critical infrastructure implementation covering:


  • Electrical & Critical Power System
  • Thermal Management, Air-Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation
  • Fire Suppression & Protection
  • Infrastructure and Facility Monitoring and Management System
  • Data Center Space Planning and Fit-Out Services

With our expertise we are able to shorten process to deliver the best value solution that is industry relevant and regulatory compliant while meeting business needs on time and on budget. We also offer flexible business models to reduce clients’ huge initial investment and attain the best value for data centre space.

Core Services

  • Feasibility study and survey
  • Total cost of ownership study and budgeting
  • Design and specifications development
  • Specifications development
  • Solution selection and application
  • Facility and energy utilization study and optimization
  • Project and implementation risk management
  • Site and verification tests
  • Regulatory compliance and authority submission
  • Documentation and training
  • Data Center Energy Audit and Assessment

  • Build & Fit-out

  • Design

  • Cooling

  • Fire

  • Monitoring

  • Power