Facility and System Management

Our extensive expertise in critical infrastructure management makes us well-positioned to manage your critical facilities. We participate closely with clients to understand and devise service delivery plan. With our engineering resources and stringent work process policies, we assure the uptime and optimal operability of the facilities.

Maintenance and Management Services

  • 24 x 7 emergency service response
  • Predictive system assessment
  • Preventive & comprehensive maintenance
  • Integrated site and facility management
  • On-site resource management
  • Annual shutdown and simulation exercise
  • Spare parts management and support
  • Thermal scan and power audit assessment
  • Documentation and training

Our Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) efforts enable our customers to proactively check and review system health and predict potential system failures thus prevent downtime. Timely system refreshment and upgrade can be made to attain the highest availability and efficiency and lowest operating cost.

  • Support

  • Maintenance