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PURE LEAD BATTERY Xtreme VR Xtreme VR is the next generation of real pure lead (99.99% purity degree) AGM batteries. HOPPECKE has deliberately opted for better corrosion resistance and thus for a very long service life even in high-current applications and high ambient temperatures, such as in telecom applications. Proven ESS technology = reduced life cycle costs (TCO) Unique dual-pole design = less service efforts

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Design Study Partnering Brands Product T & C Design study SEED is an Equipment supplier that also provides consultation services and System Integration (SI) capability. Thereby SEED can provide one-stop solution from design to installation of equipment. International team of engineers with experience in dealing with multinational customers and in-depth knowledge of international best practices.BIM Expert in Design and Project management. SEED is the leading

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Infrastructure total solution provider for critical business Specialised in design & build, post-implementation management, energy and infrastructure optimisation. Explore products What are you looking for? Most Frequent Search Liquid Cooling Pure Lead Battery Dehumidifier Fan wall CRAC Popular Products Discover our product listings. Mechanical FANWALL Mechanical CRAC Electrical Battery Electrical UPS Mechanical DEHUMIDIFIER Electrical BMS Mechanical LIQUID COOLING All Products SEED System (SEED), incorporated in


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