The CYBERCOOL-MOD product family from AIRSYS is designed specifically for medium to large data center installations. CYBERCOOL-MOD units combine precise temperature and humidity control with outstanding reliability and energy efficiency, throughout 24*7 operation.


The CYBERCOOL -MOD series is a versatile product which combines the advantages of traditional precision air conditioning with modular design technology, simplifying system expansion. New units can be integrated into an existing CYBERCOOL

The single coil chilled water system can directly use existing chilled water source as cold source, without outdoor aircooled condensing unit. The unit has lower initial investment, more energy efficient and higher reliability.

  1. Compact Structure, High Cold Density and Large air Volume
  2. High Efficiency
  3. Small Size and Quick Installation
  4. Easy Maintenance
  5. Environmental-friendly
  6. Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
Standard Running Mode

In this mode, the temperature and humidity are controlled within narrower ranges.

Energy Saving Mode

In this mode, good energy saving can be achieved through allowing the temperature and humidity to be controlled within wider ranges.