Refrigeration dehumidifier removes water through producing a cold surface that the moisture can condense on or it is an air to air heat pump.


It uses a fan to pull warm, moist air from the room that passes through a filter and then over a series of coils – a refrigerated coil and a heated coil. Using condensation on cold refrigerant coils to take away moisture, the warm moist air condenses into water droplets and drips into the container inside the machine. The dried air is then reheated via a heated coil and released back into the room as drier air free from moisture.

Refrigerant or sometime known as compressor dehumidifiers are the most common dehumidifiers found in industrial and commercial because they provide the ideal level of water extraction at the lowest cost operating effectively at varying temperatures.

Benefits of Refrigerant Dehumidifiers :

1) Maintains Level Temperature
2) Cost Effective
3) Works Quickly
4) Optional Ducting
5) Attractive Residential Designs